Countertops play a very important role in our lives.  It’s on a countertop that you routinely create your favorite sandwiches or your family’s meals.  It’s on your home’s countertop that your family places and wipes their hands over a few dozen times throughout the day.  But why don’t many people think of the routine countertop maintenance that can help keep it in tip top shape as well as clean and sanitary?

If you have granite installed, be sure have it sealed every one to three years.  Each installer may have a different opinion depending on the product they provide.  Also, be sure to wash it with mild soap.  Just make it a point to always wash with your soap detergent and you should have no issues with stripping the sealant prematurely.  With that said, avoid leaving acidic foods on the surface for too long; keep foods like lemon and vinegar far away.

For most other countertops you may still want to stick with mild dish detergent or other mild soap, however there is no need to take special care when particular foods are present.  If however, you run into a hard stain, you may want to try baking soda to help clean it before you try a bristle sponge.  coarse sponges can leave grooves and create extra places for germs to hide in.

Most laminates will survive the harsher cleaners however, as for any surface, prolonged exposure to bleach can cause irreversible discoloration.  Lastly, be sure to wipe and dry your countertops thoroughly.  Cleaning chemicals may be hidden to the naked eye but reactive once wet food touches the surface.

Consider researching and countertop company in your local area to find out more about the proper maintenance, but keep these tips in mind to keep it in great shape, safe and sanitary for years to come.