Stainless steel countertops have traditionally been associated with commercial use only. Their easy to clean surface and brightness makes them highly appropriate for commercial applications. However there has been a resurgence of stainless steel countertops for home use in recent years due to several factors.

One of the areas in the home which is most targeted for home improvement plans is the kitchen. Replacing existing countertops can give a new look to your kitchen, however it is very difficult to decide upon the right material. Though quite a number of people prefer stone like granite, marble and others, there has been a growing trend for installing stainless steel countertops in the home. These countertops have been more commonly used for commercial kitchens until now. Nevertheless several reasons have contributed to their use in homes. First of all stainless steel is non-porous which means that it does not let bacteria and molds develop in it. Therefore it is more hygienic than other popular countertops. In addition to this, they are heat resistant, you may put a burning hot pan on a stainless steel countertop without worrying about damage to its surface. One more problem that you are never going to face with a stainless steel countertop is chipping or cracking. Its sheer durability makes it a good option for homes. The one problem that does come with stainless steel countertops is the possibility of scratches. But the introduction of new finishes easily covers up scratches and does not spoil the look for years to come. Stainless steel can fit in with any color scheme or decor that you may have chosen for your kitchen. It can also brighten up an otherwise dull look in the kitchen and give it a rather contemporary appearance.

The only thing you need to be careful about is to never use a harsh scrubber on stainless steel, follow this golden rule and you’ll have  a shiny and clean countertop for years to come.