The kitchen is probably the busiest room in the house. And whether you would agree or not, it’s oftentimes the dirtiest as well. If you love to cook, chances are you spend a lot in your kitchen utensils and equipment. And counter tops could be a pretty expensive investment. In this article we will talk about taking proper care to your counter top to get the most life out of this surface.

There are several types of counter tops and the method of cleaning them also varies. Let’s start with the most common type, the stainless steel type. Using microfiber cloth to wipe down the counter top is good for dry cleaning while wet cleaning needs a soft cloth with a little mild dish soap. Simply rinse the surface and dry using s soft cloth. Marble counter tops needs less cleaning on the other hand. Dust it using a microfiber cloth at least once a week for dry cleaning. For wet cleaning, it’s important to take note to use pH-neutral cleaner designed for stone because there’s a chance that it cleaners might damage it. Granite counter tops needs regular cleaning. Wipe down granite counter top daily or as needed using water. A damp cloth and a stone cleaner with neutral pH is used to wipe it down once a week. For oily stains, you may use a poultice made of a cup of baking soda and 5 tablespoons of dish soap. For slate counter tops, the method of cleaning is almost the same as with that of granite. It’s important to not use abrasive cleaners or oily sprays when cleaning it. Also, it’s recommended that you seal slate counter tops. You know it’s time to reseal when drops of water splashed on the surface don’t form beads.

These are simple ways to make your counter tops at home long lasting and sparkling clean.