When choosing the right material for your kitchen counter top you may think of materials such as stone, or laminate all depending on what your budget will allow. Some architects can help you and they usually have a great way of using their imagination to think outside of the box to help you make a decision. Since countertops are the most popular used surface in most kitchens, they have a tendency to become stained, scratched or even chipped. There are many different types of counter tops that you can choose from that will not only fit your budget, but it will also give you the perfect kitchen.

When you go out to pick the counter top material you need, the architect will look at your home’s decorating theme to figure out what kind of design that you will want. This also helps in choosing a finish that is appropriate to everything else as far as decorating goes. There are many clients today who are willing to consider a less common counter top such as stainless steel,  concrete, zinc or copper so that it will be more unique than someone else’s counter top.

Stainless steel is, for one, easy to maintain and makes for a great hardworking surface. It has amazing reflective qualities as well and is a very good choice for someone who has a small kitchen. This kind of counter top reflects both natural light and artificial light for making a small space feel larger. Another benefit of a stainless-steel surface is that it will reflect the colors of the room. If you want you can choose to extend the stainless steel up the wall to have a back splash affect, or it can be used to cover an entire wall which will give an appearance of a nice clean space. When this is finished you will be amazed at how elegant your kitchen will look!

Concrete is another great material you may want to choose for a counter top and there are a variety of different looks that are available. It all depends on what you prefer such as the color of pigment in which you would like added to the mixture. Concrete will provide the perfect work surface once it is sealed.

In the end, it may be down to personal preference, budget and the space that you’re working with. Happy hunting!