Yankee Counter takes immense pride and total satisfaction in delivering the best and the most durable fabrications, installations, refinishing and other productive furnishings according to your current requirement and liking. The company has been fabricating and fitting concrete surface counters for its valued clients all over New England for the last 20 years. Quartz, granite, marble and other strong materials are used in the production of counter tops and clients should expect utmost quality and durability from the installed counter tops. Because of this, the Western Mass Counter Top Company is considered one of the finest fabrication and installation companies around. Firm surface counters are manufactured from solid synthetic material usually acrylic or polyester along with natural fillers, mainly used for parallel countertops and perpendicular walls, e.g. bathrooms, showers, tubs, kitchens and even service counters. Quartz counter tops are manufactured from natural stone that is extremely stylish and realistic. There is actually no safer base for cooking than Quartz counter tops.

If you are revamping your bathroom or kitchen, you will certainly value the gorgeous assortment of colors and outstanding performance from these artistic and long-lasting counter tops. Granite countertops are reasonably priced, hard-wearing and offer a distinctive appearance. There are hundreds of diverse colors to choose from.  The countertops are very simple to clean as well. The biggest advantage of granite countertops is that they don’t attract fungus or bacteria. Clients can easily save 10-15% with straight pricing on quartz and solid countertops. Yankee Counter offers extremely professional and thorough counter installation, quartz counter fabrication, counter template creation and several other feasible and effective services. Clients can also opt for custom-made designs for their intended towel bars, bathrooms, washbasins, sinks, drain boards and other items. The company manufactures custom-made countertops for both commercial and residential customers. Whether, it is a school, hotel or office, the company offers extremely realistic, hard-wearing and stylish countertops to its esteemed clients.