Selecting the proper countertop for your specific situation can be difficult, but it shouldn’t be completely painful either!

A counter top can be both natural and man-made. These days there are a variety of counter top material available in the market like Granite, Quartz, Stainless Steel, Marble, Wood, Natural stone, Concrete and many more.

Your selection of counter top depends on the amount you are looking at spending for it. If your budget is low you can go in for a natural stone like marble or granite. If you’re looking for a single colored counter top and sink then some suggest to go in for quartz.

When we design a kitchen first thing that comes to mind is what kind of counter top to use? When selecting a counter top for any area it is necessary to keep in mind the usage of that area and durability of the counter top material your looking for. Granite is a natural stone and is porous. The best part about granite is it can be mended easily, in case there is a scratch on the granite it can be concealed by polishing. Granite is most commonly used counter top material.

Quartz is engineered stone (man-made). Quartz has a gel coat surface finish which helps in keeping away bacteria and stains. A quartz sink can be easily joined to the counter top with no gaps, which prevents water collection and bacteria formation, which usually happens in case of natural stone as there is a gap in sink and counter top.

Quartz is stronger when compared to granite. Quartz can be easily molded which is not the case in granite or marble.

These counter tops are usually used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Stainless Steel Surface is good as it does not rust or stain with water. Stainless steel surface is non porous. A stainless steel counter top looks great in both traditional and modern designing. A Stainless steel counter top is more expensive when compared to quartz or granite. Stainless Steel counter tops can be used in an office or pantry, as the area is less and usage is also less.