Counter Top Template Creation is not as hard as you may think. It’s a simple, but important process.  You should work with your counter top installer in order to create a template, which has exact measurements, rather than estimate, in order to avoid repeating the measurement process.

When creating a counter top template it is essential to measure what object goes to which part.  Cutting out the areas of the existing counter top is done and then the areas are transferred to the new counter top. It is however, very important to consult your carpenter or the cabinet maker to confirm that your cabinets can support the weight of the new counter tops.

The first step in counter top template creation is to remove all the things that may be inside the cabinets and proceed to remove the drawers from the cabinets. Then remove all the things from the counter top together with the sink and any appliances that have been placed on the counter top. Before doing that, it is important to ensure that the electricity is off or gas in case one uses gas for cooking and water. With the sheets of poster board or plastic, go ahead and tape the poster board pieces together with masking tape. These sheets of taped poster boards are then laid over the counter top; tracing along the outer edges of the counter top then is done and cut out. Trace out the areas with a pen and write down the sections that go near the wall and the side that goes up.the next step is to cut out the marked areas and finally lay the new template on the new counter top with ensuring that it faces the right direction. Counter Top Template Creation is easy and fun to do.