“Green” countertop options have become quite popular today because they are environmentally friendly.  Here are some of the best “green” counter top options:

A) Concrete counter top option.

Cement mixed with water, fine aggregate and sand form concrete. Concrete is often available, which means that counter-tops can be processed closer to where they are required. This reduces the energy in bedded predominantly compared to other counter-top options. Waste material is reduced as well by pouring concrete-tops for dimensioning in the process.

B) Wood Counter tops

Wood counter-tops can emerge in many distinct forms, for instance, it can come from wood that has been taken from a structure that exists, turned into a counter-top or wood from the forests around us that are well managed. Forests need not to be cleared but to be safeguarded. This is enforced through systems like custody tracking from the forest through manufacturers to the end user. Certifications are required to take care of our forests.

C) Glass Aggregate Counter tops

These kind of counter-tops are manufactured from recycled glass aggregate, which is taken from salvaged windows, car windshields and glass bottles. Most manufacturers use recycled glass to manufacture counter tops, which is environmentally friendly. This is to reduce pollution from this kind of glass that is recklessly thrown everywhere. Glass aggregate counter tops can be of bold colors, with huge pieces of glass. Recycled glass can be blended with recycled ceramic to make a look that can be boldly compared with granite.

D) Bamboo Counter tops

Affordable, cool counter tops, can be manufactured from bamboo. Bamboo is a good component to be used since it is renewable. Bamboo counter tops are now a popular option for counter ops because of their excellent features. Surely, bamboo can achieve quite a number of looks and these looks do not have to appear as traditional bamboo.