Last week we explained the pros and cons of installing quartz and granite countertops; Quartz won the battle decidedly. It’s nonporous, low cost, low maintenance features are a must for cost-conscious homeowners and renters of all walks. Moving on, we will explain the reasons why Cambria USA is our installation provider of choice.

At Yankee Counter, we believe in providing the highest quality options to our customers! Just under a month ago, Cambria—the sole producer of natural quartz surfaces in the United States—announced it would be launching 12 new colors this spring, that on top of the 21 new colors the company unveiled last fall. With these additions, Cambria now offers close to 100 unique vibrant, natural color ways and, according to recent reviews, the new designs are nothing less than “revolutionary.” For one of the oldest and most prevalent natural minerals on this planet, this is exciting news!

Cambria also offers a wide variety of stylish edge profiles! From traditional to contemporary and everywhere in between, Cambria is sure to have the best designs for your dream home!

By choosing Cambria, Yankee Counter is choosing the strongest, most durable, maintenance free, food safe, all natural, everlasting countertops on the market! Furthermore, Cambria is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. We all know how banged up our kitchens and countertops get—Cambria countertops stand up to the rigorous use of today’s busy families, a value that cannot be understated.

Cambria is nonporous and reduces the potential for bacterial growth and stain; it’s as safe as stainless steel, stronger than granite, never needs sealing or refinishing AND maintenance requires nothing more than a sponge and some warm water. Best of yet, Cambria is certified safe by NSF International! They are also environmentally friendly, complying with Greenguard, LEED, and UMKosher. When comparing Cambria countertops, there is no comparison…

At Cambria, the focus is on you—the customer! They are innovative, flexible and committed to providing the best quality products and services in the industry. They understand how important your home is to you and your family and so do we!

Cambria countertops will add permanent warmth and beauty to your home. Both elegant and practical, there is no one better than Cambria to handle all of your natural stone surface needs!