A coved backsplash is a solid-surface application that is seamlessly integrated with the deck of a countertop or vanity; the opposite is a loose backsplash—very common in older bathrooms and kitchens.

Coved backsplashes are only available in solid surfaces and not in stone products like granite or quartz. The curved transition from countertop to backsplash is very stylish and it’s also very practical.

Since coved backsplashes are designed seamless, they prevent much of the water damage and dirt buildup that compromise kitchens and bathrooms. If you’ve ever removed a countertop or vanity, the discoloration and molding that grow behind these fixtures is alarming! Consider the relative permanence of a countertop/surface and how costly those hard-to-reach-so-I’ll-just-ignore-them areas can become when untended to.

Because of this, coved backsplashes have grown more and more popular among today’s homeowners. The only downside is the added price of applying the application to whatever countertop and splash you choose—but this varies from region to region.

All-in-all, coved backsplashes are the way to go! As the more sanitary and maintenance-friendly option, a coved backsplash will add tremendous value to your home. If a renovation is in your future and you’re thinking about going with a loose backsplash, we strongly urge you to reconsider. The couple hundred dollars it costs to apply a coved application to your countertop pales in comparison to the money you end up spending on expensive cleaners, insect removal, and wall replacement.

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