The countertop is the focal point in any kitchen. If it looks scratched, faded or damaged, then this reflects on the entire kitchen. Resurfacing countertops is an affordable method that will update your kitchen and give it the look and feel you desire for a quarter of the cost of full replacement.

As we’ve mentioned, solid surface countertops are benefited by longevity—minor damages can be fixed with a little sandpaper and elbow grease. But as these countertops age, even the best handy work falls short in hiding the imperfections that come with heavy usage.

Everything from forks and knives to direct sunlight and abrasive sponges can (and do) eat away at the color and integrity of solid surface counters. But, resurfacing your countertop is simple to do and easy on your wallet.

For those so inclined, resurfacing a countertop is easy. If cabinets are attached, use an electric screw driver to remove all the connecting nails; pry the old countertop from its wooden base and remove it; use a stripper to dissolve glue and a small paint scraper to scrape away remaining material; sand the surface (wooden base) with medium-grade sandpaper; lightly apply glue to the surface (laminate countertops show anything underneath, especially bubbles); start at one end of the new countertop and set it into place; then, use a large roller to flatten out any air bubbles (install edging or detailing if needed) and voilà, you’re done!

While easy, we’ve heard many stories of DIY installations gone terribly wrong. Whether it’s inadequate glue removal, misaligned placement, or insufficient flattening, trouble can arise without the assistance of a trained professional. Thankfully for you, Yankee Counter is chalk full of talent and we’d love nothing more than to help you with your home restoration needs!

Resurfacing a countertop can bring new life to your existing solid surface counters.  If you installed Corian, Living Stone, or select other solid surface counter tops more than 10 years ago this is for you. So what are you waiting for, set up a consultation today!